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When the 1995  Code of Conduct For Responsible Fisheries was approved as a basis for policies aimed at sustainable fisheries, a major need for reliable, high-quality and relevant information on the state of world fisheries was identified. FIGIS - the fisheries global information system - was established to address this need.

FIGIS is an information management tool that interconnects groups of institutional partnerships to build up a network of subsystems. FIGIS, as part of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department's regular activities acts as a framework with reference to FAO information management policy. FIGIS delivers expert knowledge, a set of software tools, collaborative mechanisms, and interoperability solutions to a broad range of needs in fisheries information.

With the adoption by the Committee on Fisheries of the Strategy for Improving Information on Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries (STF) on 28 February 2003, FIGIS becomes one of the privileged tools for its implementation.



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