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Training and Awareness (SWE-TrainFish)

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Component status:Operational from November 2004
CCRF Reference:General
Budget:USD 0.5 million
Primary Geo-focus:Global, with particular focus on less developed countries and countries in transition
Duration:Continuing. Additional donor participation invited. Est. further budget required 2006-2007 = USD 1.2 million (USD400 000 per region: Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa).
The Government of Sweden/Sida has supported a three year programme on Training and Awareness for Responsible Fisheries ("SWE-TrainFish"). This is regarded as seed funding, meant to provide a basis for a broader effort to be mounted through additional donor support. The three immediate objectives of the project are:
  1. Elaboration of a full project work plan for responsible fisheries capacity development and awareness, which responds to needs expressed at national and regional levels.
  2. Strengthened fisheries management capabilities and capacities at local, national, subregional and regional levels in accordance with the code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.
  3. Greater awareness and appreciation of fisheries and aquatic resources and their responsible use within local communities, particularly among children and young people.

The seed funding will be used to initiate a series of training workshops that will meet objectives (1) and (2). These will aim at development of national capacity and promotion of regional coordination so that countries will be better placed to strengthen and harmonize port State measures and, as a result, to meet the requirements of relevant RFMOs and to implement relevant IPOA-IUU tools and the FAO Model Scheme on port State measures.
Courses in fisheries and aquaculture

Courses in fisheries and aquaculture
Objective (3) will be met through the “FishFriends” stream of project activities, including as a first step the development of a website for youth (between 8 - 14 years). The site will take into account the range of youth-oriented fisheries and environmental awareness campaigns available in various media formats from FAO and other sources (including other UN agencies as well as local and international non-governmental organizations involved with education programmes for youth). It will feature age-appropriate text and graphical content, interactive games, and teaching materials/programmes of study for teachers.

Multimedia presentation on IUU fishing - FAO Ministerial Meeting on Fisheries (Rome, 2005) - 34 MB
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