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Gear types: Pushnets
Pushnets are scoop nets which are pushed, in footing in very shallow waters or before a small boat.

Shrimp push net fishing
Shrimp push net fishing
Fishing GearThe net of this gear has three distinct parts: the upper and the lower part, and the bag. There is a groundrope, which is either a chain or some rope in weighted with sinkers, so that it touches the sea bottom during fishing operation. The ends of the groundrope are fastened to the poles which hold the net. The headrope hangs along the length of the poles. The poles are either bamboo or trunks of pine trees, 6-16 meters long, depending on the size of gear and the scale of fishing. Two poles are tied so as to form on inverted V-shaped, ending in wooden or iron skis which slide along seabed (Figure 2). Floats are also attached near the skis to prevent them from getting stuck in the mud. On large sized gears, the floats are adjustable by means of a rope and a ring fixed to the pole. Push net fishing from a boat uses longer poles which are often not tied to each other but are fastened directly to an outrigger or boom on the foredeck of the fishing boat.

Fig. 2 - Push net for shrimp Push net for shrimps (Thailand).
Fig. 2 - Push net for shrimp
Push net for shrimpPush net for shrimps (Malawi).
Push net for shrimp
Vessel OverviewShrimp push net may be used on small low powered undecked vessels; especially wooden canoes in developing countries.Fishery Production SystemsPush net for shrimps is a very common fishing method for small-scale shrimp fisheries.Fishing EnvironmentPush nets are pushed on the bottom in shallow, coastal waters, along beaches or from a boat, either in inland and sea waters.Fishing OperationsPush net fishing can be operated in footing from the shore or from an engine driven boat, either in day time or at night. When the boat arrives at the fishing ground, the net is tied to the poles, with the groundrope and headrope in position. The gear is set in the water and floats adjusted until the lower part touches the bottom. At the end of fishing operation, the bag is hauled by means of a rope attached to it, emptied, and lowered for the next round of fishing.Fishery AreaThese nets are used in the artisanal fisheries of Asia (Thailand, Indonesia) and of Africa as movable gears operated from boats, or operated by hands from the bank of a river or a suitable beach in shallow waters.IssuesDiscard Because of the use of very small meshes, in coastal waters, a lot of juvenile fishes and shrimp larvae are caught. Non-target species are often discarded.
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