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Cods Atlantic cod

Gear types: Single boat bottom otter trawls
Single boat bottom otter trawls
Single boat bottom otter trawls
A single boat bottom otter trawl is a cone-shaped net consisting of a body, normally made from two, four and sometimes more panels, closed by one or two codends and with lateral wings extending forward from the opening. A bottom trawl is kept open horizontally by two otter boards. A boat can be rigged to tow a single or two parallel trawls from the stern or from two outriggers.
Vessel types: Otter trawlers
These are trawlers on which the fish is preserved by freezing.

Species EnvironmentOceanic, this species is widely distributed in a variety of habitats from the shoreline to well down the continental shelf. Two stocks are recognized in the brackish Baltic Sea. Omnivorous, cod feeds at dawn or dusk on invertebrates and fish, including young cod. Forms schools during the day. Most important stock are the Norwegian Arctic stock in the Barents Sea and Icelandic stock.
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