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Pleuronectidae (Righteye flounders)

Gear types: Set longlines
Set longlines
Set longlines
A set longline consists of a main line and snoods with baited hooks (occasionally unbaited) at regular intervals and which is set, in general, on or near the bottom.
Vessel types: Bottom longliners
In general two types of jigger vessels are engaged in fisheries.

Species EnvironmentAtlantic halibut is a benthic species usually found on soft bottom but occasionally caught pelagically in depths ranging between 50-2 000 m. Feeds mainly on other fishes (cod, haddock, pogge, sand-eels, herring, capelin), but also takes cephalopods, large crustaceans and other bottom-living animals. Pacific halibut is found on various types of bottoms. Young are found near shore, moving out to deeper waters as they grow older. Older individuals typically move from deeper water along the edge of the continental shelf where they spend the winter, to shallow coastal water for the summer. Feeds on fishes, crabs, clams, squids, and other invertebrates.
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