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Aquatic species
Target Species
Scombridae (Mackerels, tunas, bonitos) Indian mackerel

Gear types: Single boat midwater otter trawls
Midwater otter trawls
Midwater otter trawls
A single boat midwater otter trawl is a cone-shaped net which is towed in mid-water and kept horizontally open by otter boards.
Vessel types: Otter trawlers
These are trawlers on which the fish is preserved by freezing.

Species EnvironmentPelagic species found over the continental shelf in depths ranging between 20-90 m. Occurs in coastal bays, harbors and deep lagoons, usually in some turbid plankton-rich waters. Form schools. Feeds on phytoplankton (diatoms) and small zooplankton. Adult individuals feed on macroplankton such as larval shrimps and fish.
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