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Gear types: Pots
A pot is designed in the form of cages or baskets made from various materials (wood, wicker, metal rods, wire netting, plastic etc.
Vessel types: Pot vessels

Species EnvironmentChaceon affinis is the largest epibenthic brachyuran of the Geryonidae family, inhabiting oceanic seamounts at depths ranging from 550 to 1 200 m on muddy-rocky bottoms. There is growing interest in the possible fishery for the deep-water red crab. Little is known about the biology of this species but there are fisheries for related species off southwest Africa and the Atlantic coast of the USA.Fishing GearIn Alaska, Red king crabs are typically caught in large steel pots that are baited with chopped herring. The pots measure 7'x 7'x 3' and weigh over 300 Kg empty. Buoys attached to the pots with heavy line are retrieved and lifted onto the boat by use of powerful hydraulic launchers and large winches. Each pot is dropped to the water where it sinks to the bottom and is generally allowed to soak for one or two days when fishing red or blue kings, but longer when fishing for golden king crabs.
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