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Scallops and clams American sea scallop

Gear types: Dredges
These are gears which are dragged along the bottom to catch shellfish. They consist of a mouth frame to which a holding bag constructed of metal rings or meshes is attached.
Vessel types: Dredgers
These vessels use a dredge for collecting molluscs from the bottom.

Species EnvironmentSea scallops typically occur on the continental shelf at depths ranging from 18-110 m but they may also occur in waters as shallow as 2 m in estuaries and embayments. Sea scallops often occur in dense aggregations called beds. Beds may be sporadic or essentially permanent (e.g., commercial beds supporting the George Bank fishery). The highest concentration of many permanent beds appears to correspond to areas of suitable temperatures, food availability, substrate, and good physical oceanographic conditions.
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