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Seabream (Sparidae)

Gear types: Set gillnets (anchored)
Set gillnets
Set gillnets
A set gillnet consists of a single netting wall kept more or less vertical by a floatline and a weighted groundline.
Vessel types: Gillnetters
Gill netter
Gill netter
Gillnets can be operated from boats and canoes on inland waters and inshore, decked small vessels in coastal waters and from medium sized vessels fishing offshore.

Species EnvironmentChiefly marine; very rare in fresh and brackish water. Species belonging to this family are distributed in tropical and temperate Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Found over rock, rubble, or sand bottoms (young frequently found on seagrass beds) down to about 250 m depth, often above 150 m over the continental shelf. Carnivores of hard-shelled benthic invertebrates e.g. crustaceans, mollusks. Many species have been found to be hermaphroditic.
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