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Snapper (Lutjanidae)

Gear types: Set gillnets (anchored)
Set gillnets
Set gillnets
A set gillnet consists of a single netting wall kept more or less vertical by a floatline and a weighted groundline.
Vessel types: Gillnetters
Gill netter
Gill netter
Gillnets can be operated from boats and canoes on inland waters and inshore, decked small vessels in coastal waters and from medium sized vessels fishing offshore.

Species EnvironmentTwo-spot red snapper is a reef-associated marine species in depths ranging between 4-180 m. Inhabits coral reefs, including sheltered lagoons and outer reefs. Usually found singly, often adjacent to steep outer reef slopes, but occasionally found in groups. Feeds mainly on fishes, but also takes shrimps, crabs, amphipods, stomatopods, gastropods and urochordates. Emperor red snapper occurs in the vicinity of coral or rocky reefs, often over adjacent sand flats and gravel patches (between 5-180 m). Also trawled in deeper water on relatively flat bottoms. Juveniles are frequently commensal with sea urchins. They form schools of similar-sized individuals or are solitary.
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