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Centrophoridae Leafscale gulper shark

Gear types: Single boat bottom otter trawls
Single boat bottom otter trawls
Single boat bottom otter trawls
A single boat bottom otter trawl is a cone-shaped net consisting of a body, normally made from two, four and sometimes more panels, closed by one or two codends and with lateral wings extending forward from the opening. A bottom trawl is kept open horizontally by two otter boards. A boat can be rigged to tow a single or two parallel trawls from the stern or from two outriggers.
Vessel types: Otter trawlers
These are trawlers on which the fish is preserved by freezing.

Species EnvironmentFound on or near the bottom of continental slopes (depth range 145-2 400 m) is a benthopelagic species; also found pelagically in the upper 1 250 m of water 4 000 m deep. Presumably feeds on fish and cephalopods.
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