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Falling Gears
Falling Gears
Source: FAO-Fish.Tech.Pap.222, p. 37

ISSCFG code: 06
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OverviewThese are gears that are clapped down on the prey to be captured. Wooden cover pots and cast nets made of netting are typical gears belonging to this group.Handling EquipmentNo specific equipment is required.Vessel OverviewFalling gears are used from the shore or from a boat.Fish OperationFalling gears are clapped over the fish or other animals to be caught, which are thus taken from above.Target SpeciesGear belonging to this group are used either for capturing the shoal of fish swimming near the water surface (cast nets), either single fish (cover pots).Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentFalling gears are employed in inland and sea waters. Their use is usually restricted to shallow waters.
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