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OverviewAs in hunting, man has extended the range of his arm by using long-handled implements, which can be pushed, thrown or shot for killing, wounding or grappling fish or molluscs. Clamps, tongs and raking devices are types within this group but so also are spears, harpoons, arrows and other missiles.Handling EquipmentNo specific handling equipment is necessary, in the artisanal fishery. The most advanced wounding gear are the whale harpoons.Vessel OverviewFishing activities are often carried out from ashore. The use of small boats is also common.Fish OperationThe prey is taken by grappling, squeezing, piercing, transfixing or wounding. Barbs prevent efforts to escape.Target SpeciesThis kind of gears is usually used to catch isolated fish swimming near the water surface.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentThese gears are commonly operated, by hand, in shallow waters, from the shore or from a boat, more common in inland waters but also in the sea. In certain areas, harpooning is also carried out offshore.ImpactsSpecies In many countries the use of wounding gears is banned as a prey can be hurt by the gear and die after escaping.
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