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ISSCFG code: 05.1 – standard abbreviation: LNP
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OverviewPortable hand lift nets are small lift nets operated by hand, often supported by ringed frames. The net consists in a horizontal netting panel or a bag shaped (which is used with the opening facing upwards).Handling EquipmentIf the hand lift nets are larger, they are dipped into and lifted from the water by means of a long pole.Vessel OverviewNo fishing vessels are required.Fish OperationAfter being submerged and kept a while at the certain depth (within a few meters), the net is lifted and hauled out of the water, by hand.Target SpeciesPelagic species, crustaceans.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentThis kind of lift nets are operated from the shore, from bridges in rivers, and on the sea coast from harbour walls. They are set in the water surface or close to the bottom but within a few meters depth.ImpactsSpecies Hardly any negative environmental impact since the overall expected catch is always very little and when a few very small or juvenile fishes are caught they can anyway be released alive.
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