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Cast net
Cast net
Source: FAO-Fish.Tech.Pap.222, p. 37

ISSCFG code: 06.1 – standard abbreviation: FCN
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OverviewThe cast net is a circular net which is casted from the shore or from a small boat, but, in general, in shallow waters, to catch fish by falling and closing in on them. The cast net has a cone-shape, with weights attached to the perimeter.Handling EquipmentNo specific equipment is required.Vessel OverviewCast nets are used from the shore or from a boat.Fish OperationThe catching principle is that the net is thrown flat upon the water surface and catch the fish by falling and closing in on them. Their use is usually restricted to shallow waters. The operation of a cast net requires considerable knowledge and skill from the fisherman.Target SpeciesThis kind of nets is used to catch fish swimming near the water surface, in rather shallow waters. Some species of shrimps are also captured with cast nets.Water Area OverviewCast nets are widely used all over the world at the present time. It has been suggested that they were originally developed in India and spread from there over east and south Asia into Oceania, the Near East and Europe.Gear EnvironmentCast nets are employed in both, inland and marine waters. Their use is usually restricted to rather shallow waters.ImpactsSpecies Catch of juvenile fishes cannot be avoided, but they can be released alive if needed.
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