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Encircling gillnets
Encircling gillnets
Source: FAO-Fish.Tech.Pap.222, Fig. 2, p. 40

ISSCFG code: 07.3 – standard abbreviation: GNC
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OverviewEncircling gillnets are gillnets set vertical, in shallow waters, encircling fish. After the fish has been encircled by the net, noise or other means are used to force them to gill or entangle themselves in the netting. It is a technology commonly used by groups of small-scale fishermen (or women).Handling EquipmentNo specific equipment is required.Vessel OverviewIn certain situations, small open boats or canoes used to set the net around the fish.Fish OperationA certain area is encircled by the net, noise or other means (frequently, by fishers moving themselves in the water) are used to scare the fish to gill or entangle themselves in the netting surrounding them.Target SpeciesPelagic and demersal very shallow waters species.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentThis gear is generally used in shallow water with the floatline remaining at the surface. Encircling gillnets are employed in inland and coastal waters.ImpactsSpecies The negative impact on the environment is low. The fishers are in a permanent contact with the gear. The gear is set and immediately after scaring the fishes the gear is hauled in. Therefore all fishes are alive and not marketable fishes can be set back.
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