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Fyke nets
Fyke nets

ISSCFG code: 08.3 – standard abbreviation: FYK
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OverviewA fyke net is a fish trap. It consists of cylindrical or cone-shaped netting bags mounted on rings or other rigid structures. It has wings or leaders which guide the fish towards the entrance of the bags. The fyke nets are fixed on the bottom by anchors, ballast or stakes.Handling EquipmentThese gears are usually hauled by hand.Vessel OverviewUsually small sized open boats, if any.Fish OperationThe fish enters voluntarily, but is hampered from coming out. Fishermen visit traps every day collecting only the captures and leaving the gears set in the same place for several days. The fyke nets may be used separately or in groups.Target SpeciesCoastal species and euryhaline species.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentFyke nets are generally operated in coastal zone sand shallow waters, either in inland, in estuarine and sea waters. They are usually set in contact to the bottom, in areas with strong currents.ImpactsSpecies The principal potential problem concerning the impact produced by this type of gears may be some some bycatch (with undersize and juvenile specimens) being discarded.
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