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Stow nets
Stow nets
Source: FAO-Fish.Tech.Pap.222, p. 48

ISSCFG code: 08.4 – standard abbreviation: FSN
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OverviewThis is a stationary gear made from netting, usually in the form of a cone or pyramid. Stow nets can be fixed for a long time at the same place in rows. These nets are fixed by means of anchors or stakes, placed according to the direction and strength of the current. The mouths are sometimes held open by a frame, which may or may not be supported by a boat.Handling EquipmentThe bag ending the cone or pyramid of nettings gears are usually hauled by hand while the body is left in position.Vessel OverviewUsually small size undecked vessels are necessary, only, for visiting the bag and taking the fish.Fish OperationThe fish or other organisms entering, more or less voluntarily, are caught by filtering. Permanent current is necessary for the operation.Target SpeciesFresh water and marine fishes.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentThese gears used in rivers, estuaries or shallow coastal waters areas with strong currents. Because of the precondition of strong currents in one direction they are not often used in open marine waters.ImpactsSpecies Because of very small mesh commonly used in the bag of stow nets and the setting of this type of gear in coastal areas, the catch of juveniles and fish fry are common and this may have a negative impact on living resources.
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