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ISSCFG code: 10.4 – standard abbreviation: MEL
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In addition to stupefying fish by mechanical and chemical means, it is also possible to narcotize them with electricity. Fish otherwise unobtainable are narcotized so that they cannot escape and can thus be easily taken. Electric fishing is often the only possible method of fishing waters which are otherwise inaccessible because of many obstacles and underwater growths.

Accessory EquipmentTransportable generators or powerful batteries are usually used as sources of energy.Vessel Overview

Electric fishing can be used from the shore or from a boat.

Fish Operation

When a fish enters the electric field it begins to sink and has to be caught quickly.

Target SpeciesInland waters fishes.Water Area OverviewInland and coastal sea waters all around the world. Especially in the northern regions of the world.Gear Environment

Electric fishing is mostly used in inland shallow waters.

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