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ISSCFG code: 10.5 – standard abbreviation: MPN
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Pushnets are

scoop nets which are pushed, footing in very shallow waters or before a small boat. The net bag is fixed on scissors like cross-sticks to keep the net open. The gear is pushed over the bottom in shallow waters, especially to catch shrimp or shrimp larvae. It is pushed forward by manpower but the use of boats for pushing the gear is common, too. To ensure that the points of the gross sticks glide smoothly over the bottom, they are provided with runners.
Handling EquipmentNo specific handling equipment is necessary.Vessel OverviewWithout boat or small low powered vessels.Fish OperationThe target species is collected by pushing or thrusting the net, and caught when the net is raised from the water.Target SpeciesShrimps, shrimp larvae and small fish.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear Environment

Pushnets are pushed on the bottom in shallow and coastal waters, along beaches or from a boat, either in inland and sea waters. These are very common in South East Asia.

ImpactsSpecies Because of the use of very small meshes, in coastal waters, a lot of juvenile fishes and shrimp larvae are caught. Non-target species are often discarded.

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