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ISSCFG code: 10.6 – standard abbreviation: MSP
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These are small hand operated devices formed like bagnets and used to scoop fish and other prey out of the water. Originally they were made of wood like flat baskets but are now more or less deep bags made of netting materials. A typical feature of this gear is that it is held open by a frame around the opening of the bag. The form and operation of the scoop basket/nets, is long known and widely distributed, and differs very much from area to area, like all gear manufactured individually. Scoopnets are mainly used in artisanal fisheries.

Handling EquipmentNo specific handling equipment is necessary.Vessel OverviewThe use of a boat is not necessary.Fish Operation

Scoopnets in whatever form, used as direct fishing gear, will be operated in a different manner by men, women and children. The usual method is a scooping movement when wading in breast-deep water. Catching by scooping demands rapid action for successful results.

Target SpeciesSmall fish and shrimps.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear Environment

Scoopnets are operated usually in coastal waters, from the shore or from a boat, either in inland and sea waters.

ImpactsSpecies Removal of small, often juvenile fishes and shrimps from the habitat.

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