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Shore or shallow water operated lift net
Shore or shallow water operated lift net
Source: FAO Catalogue of small-scale fishing gear II ed. p.121.

ISSCFG code: 05.3 – standard abbreviation: LNS
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OverviewThese lift nets, which can be relatively large, are usually operated from stationary installations situated along the shore, where the lifting system are sometimes mechanized. Lift nets consist of a horizontal netting panel framed by wood or metal bars or a bag shaped like a parallelepiped, pyramid or cone with the opening facing upwards.Handling EquipmentStationary lift nets are operated usually form the bank of a river or a suitable beach by installing them on a special platform. The more modern lift nets are operated with the help of hand or motor driven winches.Vessel OverviewNo fishing vessels are required.Fish OperationAfter being submerged at the required depth, the nets are lifted or hauled out of the water by hand or mechanically. The fish are sometimes attracted by strong lights or bait.Target SpeciesPelagic species.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentLift nets are operated especially in the water surface either in sea and inland waters.
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