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ISSCFG code: 10.2 – standard abbreviation: MHI
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OverviewClamps are well known in many parts of the world, especially for taking mussels out of the water without injury. The simplest forms are hand operated sticks with one end into at least two branches. The stick may have a length of as much as nine meters. Clamps can be used also for catching fish. In this case stronger implements made of iron, looking like multi-pointed spears, are used. No importance for commercial fishing.Handling EquipmentNo specific equipment is required.Vessel OverviewClamps can be used from the shore or from a boat.Fish OperationWhen a prey is sighted, it is jammed between the branches. To give the grip more security some barbs can help.Target SpeciesMussels, snails, sea urchins, fish, or any other prey can be jammed between the branches.Water Area OverviewCoastal sea and inland waters all around the world.Gear EnvironmentCoastal areas. Their use is usually restricted to shallow waters.ImpactsSpecies Low environmental impact.
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