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OverviewObjects may be taken from the water in uninjured condition by means of tongs that is with instruments provided with two tong-like clasps moving one towards the other. Originally they were in their form and construction real tongs as used in any workshop. Today their construction is more adapted to fishing conditions. They can be also designed that only one side is rigidly attached to a rod while the other is moved by a line.Vessel OverviewTongs can be used from the shore or from a boat.Fish OperationToday tongs with long handles are used to bring oysters and other types of shellfish to the surface. These may be cross-shaped forks with two or even several points, the rigid levers of which several meters long, are operated from a boat.Target SpeciesTongs are used especially for mussels.Water Area OverviewCoastal sea and inland waters all around the world.Gear EnvironmentCoastal areas. Their use is usually restricted to shallow waters. A depth of seven meters is considered to be the limit of practicability.
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