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ISSCFG code: 10.8 – standard abbreviation: MDV
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OverviewThis gear type includes the operation of gathering by hand or with simple hand implements with or without diving equipment.Handling EquipmentNo specific equipment is required.Vessel OverviewFor hand collection is not necessary a boat.Fish OperationGathering by hand can be considered the simplest form of fishing surviving the centuries and modern development. Of course, what can be picked up is limited to some objects only and to the zones within the manual reach of men.Target SpeciesMolluscs, mussels, as well as snails and sea urchins, are the main objects harvested by hand picking.Water Area OverviewCoastal sea and inland waters all around the world.Gear EnvironmentThe most interesting areas for hand picking are those sea coasts which enjoy great differences in the rise and fall of tides, and where wide muddy areas are exposed twice a day. Here many species of shells can be collected or dug by hand from the sand or mud. Rocky coasts with small pools, areas prolific in seaweed growth, or caverns and cliffs favourable for the growth of aquatic plants and with hiding places for animals, are all ideals areas for gathering.
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