All information organized and disseminated by the FAO Fisheries Division includes a geographic dimension an essential element for monitoring fisheries at global level and for supporting decision-making for FAO Members concerned with global fisheries governance.

This GeoInfo section provides direct access to two categories of information vesting strong geographic meaning.

Geographic Profiles

Geographic profiles concern entities vesting strong geographic component such as countries, fishing areas, regional fisheries organisations. These entities profiles describe features of primary interest to fisheries in the form of fact sheets.

Maps, Geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing

As fisheries and aquaculture are fundamentally spatially distributed, responsible management requires a solid understanding of the underlying spatial dimension. Geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing provide the technology for mapping the distribution of aquatic resources, their environment, fishery management units, production systems, etc. which can support decision-making. FAO plays a unique role in providing such information.
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