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Internet Training
Internet Portals provide a way to explore the breadth of GIS, remote sensing and mapping, and many have links to training.

There are a number of sites that offer brief overviews of the basic concepts of GIS in remote sensing and mapping. Other more specialized sites provide information that is useful for self-training. Often a sequence of topics can be pursued at one site. In addition, free software provides an excellent opportunity for "hands on" self-training. The practical problems of implementing GIS, remote sensing and mapping projects soon become evident. A number of commercial firms provide free downloadable software designed for special tasks along with manuals and examples of applications.

Finally, in order to make training more meaningful there are many sources of data that can be downloaded from the Internet and some of the data are free.

Internet training portals are classified under three main categories: (a) Basic concepts, (b) Distance learning and (c) Self-training.

Internet Training  (78)
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A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping  Self-training   http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/a-practical-guide-to-geostatistical-mapping/14938111 (en)  
A practical guide to geostatistical mapping of environmental variables (free publication)  Basic concepts   http://bookshop.europa.eu/eubookshop/bookmarks.action?target=EUB:NOTICE:LBNA22904:EN:HTML&request_locale=EN (en)  http://eusoils.jrc.ec.europa.eu/esdb_archive/eusoils_docs/other/EUR22904en.pdf (en)  
An Introductory Landsat Tutorial  Self-training   https://zulu.ssc.nasa.gov/mrsid/tutorial/Landsat%20Tutorial-V1.html (en)  
Arc Marine (or the ArcGIS Marine Data Model - MDM) Tutorial  Self-training   http://dusk2.geo.orst.edu/djl/arcgis/ArcMarine_Tutorial/ (en)  
Area Cartogram Maps Explored  Basic concepts   http://gislounge.com/area-cartograms-explored/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GISNL-Apr-26-2012&utm_source=YMLP&utm_term=Area+Cartogram+Maps+Explored (en)  
BASIS …for GIS Education, Applications and Software  Self-training   http://www.innovativegis.com/basis/ (en)  
Cartographic Resources  Basic concepts   http://gislounge.com/ll/cartography.shtml (en)  
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (The University of Montana On Line (distance learning)  Distance Learning   http://umtonline.net/Missoula/index.real?action=ProgramDesc&subaction=EOS (en)  
Distance Education in GIS, LBS, and Geo-Spatial Sciences  Distance Learning   http://spatialnews.geocomm.com/education/distance_edu/ (en)  
Distance Learning (also links to certificate programs in the USA, Canda and Europe)  Distance Learning   http://www.gisuser.com/content/category/5/29/32/10/0/ (en)  
Distance Learning in GIS  Distance Learning   http://gislounge.com/ll/distancelearning.shtml (en)  
Distance Online Geographic Information Science Graduate Certificate (University of North Dakota, USA)  Distance learning   http://www.conted.und.edu/ddp/gis/index.html (en)  
Environment and GIS Support Project for Water Sector Planning.  Self-training   Environment and GIS Support Project for Water Sector Planning (en)  
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Tutorial  Basic concepts   http://ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca/resource/tutor/fundam/index_e.php (en)  
Geographic Information Science Education  Self-training   http://rockyweb.cr.usgs.gov/public/outreach/rockylink_educ.html (en)  
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEGREE PROGRAMS ONLINE  Distance learning   http://www.worldwidelearn.com/science-degree/geographic-information-systems.htm (en)  
Geographic Information Systems- Series of USGS Posters  Basic concepts   http://erg.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/gis_poster/index.html (en)  
Geospatial Analysis - a comprehensive guide. 2nd edition  Basic concepts   http://www.spatialanalysisonline.com/output/ (en)  
GIS Advanced Field Studies Certificate  Distance learning   http://sait.ca/pages/cometosait/continuingeducation/gis/advancedgiscertificate.shtml (en)  
GIS Book Chapters on line  Basic concepts   http://www.wiley.com/legacy/wileychi/gis/volumes.html (en)  
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