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Penaeus brasiliensis introduced to Taiwan Province of China from Brazil
Date of introduction: 1981
Penaeus brasiliensisPenaeus brasiliensis  - Redspotted shrimp

FAO Names
En - Redspotted shrimp, Fr - Crevette royale rose, Sp - Camarón rosado con manchas.

Introduction Profile
Introducer : Other introducer
Reasons of Introduction : 1) aquaculture
Introduction Features
Status of the introduced species in the wild : Not established
The introduced species is established through : No Data
Aquaculture use : No Data
Reproduction in Aquaculture : No Data
Ecological effects : Unknown
Type of Ecological effects : No Data
Socioeconomic effects : None
Type of Socioeconomic effects : No Data
Source of data : Questionnaire
Liao, I-Chiu and Liu, Hsi-Chiang,  .  .  In SS De Silva (ed), Exotic aquatic organisms in Asia, Proceedings of the Workshop on Introduction of Exotic Aquatic Organisms in Asia, p 101-118, Asian Fish Soc Spec Publ 3, 154 p, Asian Fish Soc, Manila, Philippines. (.) 
CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean Sea Zenetos A., S. Gofas, G. Russo and J. Templado CIESM http://www.ciesm.org/atlas/appendix3.html
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