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Piaractus brachypomus introduced to Papua New Guinea from Malaysia
Date of introduction: 1995
Piaractus brachypomus  - Pirapatinga

FAO Names
En - Pirapatinga, Fr - , Sp - Cachama blanca.

Introduction Profile
Introducer : International Organization
Reasons of Introduction : 1) fisheries
Introduction Features
Status of the introduced species in the wild : Unknown
The introduced species is established through : No Data
Aquaculture use : No Data
Reproduction in Aquaculture : No Data
Ecological effects : Unknown
Type of Ecological effects : No Data
Socioeconomic effects : Probably some
Type of Socioeconomic effects : Undecided
Source of data : Questionnaire
Coates, D,  .  .  FISHAID Project, FI:PNG/93/007, Field Document no 5. (.) 
Not specified
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