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A bibliography of the fishery resources of the Indo-Pacific region. pag. var. 253013-E
  FAO Fisheries Circular C785
1985 Details and available languages 
A selective annotated bibliography of fishery statistical publications. 219p. 297167-E
  FAO Fisheries Circular C813
1988 Details and available languages 
A selective annotated bibliography of fishery statistical publications. 271p.
  FAO Fisheries Circular C813Rev.1
1991 Details and available languages 
CD-ROM - A selected digital collection. Version 2. FAO Fisheries Technical Papers
2004 Details and available languages 
Directory of Fisheries and Aquaculture Information Resources in Africa
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T416
2001 Details and available languages 
Directory of fisheries and aquaculture information resources in Africa (preliminary version).
  FAO Fisheries Circular C960  PDF
2000 Details and available languages 
Fisheries periodicals in the FAO Library: review of an international collection.
  FAO Fisheries Circular C951  PDF
1999 Details and available languages 
List of serials held in the Fisheries Branch Library. 66p. (Not accessioned)
  FAO Fisheries Circular C743
1982 Details and available languages 
Recommendation MCS-GFCM/33/2009/8 on the establishment of a list of vessels presumed to have carried out IUU fishing in the GFCM area repealing recommendation GFCM/30/2006/4
2015 Details and available languages 
Report of and papers presented at the Regional Workshop on Networking for Improved Access to Fisheries and Aquaculture Information in Africa. Grahamstown, South Africa, 3–7 November 2003.
  FAO Fisheries Report R740  PDF
2004 Details and available languages 
Selected bibliography for the IPFC region. pag. var. 215529-E
  FAO Fisheries Circular C741
1981 Details and available languages 
Utilization of Small Water Bodies for Aquaculture and Fisheries. Aquaculture for Local Community Development Programme: Southern African Development Community. Project findings and recommendations
  Non serial publications  PDF  ZIP
1999 Details and available languages 

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