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nems_imageFAO launches the first working version of the Global Record online Information System
Last week, the first working version of the Information System of the Global Record of Fishing Vessels, Refrigerated Transport Vessels and Supply Vessels (Global Record) was released to member countries in order [more…]
nems_imageAquaculture Operations in Floating HDPE Cages: A Field Handbook
The purpose of this manual is to provide a general overview of farming and managementtechniques needed to operate high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floating fish-culturecages, including the types of materials used, [more…]
nems_imageFAO Press release: Tracking fish “from sea to plate” to keep illegal catches out of global ...
12 April 2017, Rome - An FAO-led push to establish internationally agreed standards that can guide the development of catch documentation schemes aimed at keeping illegally caught fish off store-shelves and [more…]
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