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nems_imageNew data published in July 2018: Global fisheries commodities and Regional capture fisheries ...
A unique overview of the implications of climate change for fisheries and aquaculture, and for the millions of people who depend on these sectors for their livelihoods, this publication maps out [más información…]
nems_imageNew publication: Report of the FAO Expert Consultation on Trade in Fisheries and Aquaculture ...
At its thirty-second session, in July 2016, the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) underlined the importance of trade in fisheries services and welcomed the work of the FAO on conducting a literature review on the [más información…]
nems_imageFAO/NFTEC/SYSU Intensive 7-day course on Tilapia Lake Virus successfully completed in Guangzhou
Table of materials and presentations Twenty nine participants representing competent authorities, academe and service providers completed the TILV 7-day intensive [más información…]
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