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March 2017
African Development Bank programme and coordination of the Unilateral Trust Fund. Contribution to the Intelligence Strategic Unit on the finalisation of the Strategic National Plan for Blue Growth/Economy (CAsEB) (BGI)
Mar 13-23 
Introduction of Blue Growth Initiative, objectives and concept for the engagement of the Government of Sao Tome and Principe (BGI)
Feb 26-Mar 01 
February 2017
Implementation and contribution to the expertise TCPF/CVI/3605 of the institutional framework for Blue Growth/Economy strategy implementation in Fisheries and Aquaculture sectors (BGI)
Feb 15-19 
Presentation on the FAO activities to the EU Commission at the P1 review of the BlueBRIDGE project (BGI)
Jan 09-Feb 13 
Stakeholder Conference on the Sustainable Development of the Blue Economy in the Western Mediterranean (BGI)
  Feb 2 
January 2017
Meeting on Developing Global Blue Innovation Institute as part of the Blue Economy network follow up to the Blue Economy Conference of 2016 (BGI)
Jan 29-31 
Implementation of SDG14: Highlighting Opportunities for Blue Growth (BGI)
Jan 22-27 
Final Workshop for the presentation of the Technical Cooperation Program results and a presentation of a draft plans for Blue Growth new assistance programme via FT Partners (BGI)
Jan 22-27 
FAO/African Development Bank preparation of the Middle Income Country Technical Assistance Fund (MIC-TAF) for Blue Growth and Blue Economy (BGI)
Jan 15-20 
African Development Bank and Blue Growth Initiative/Blue Economy programme development discussion (BGI)
Jan 16-19 

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