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September 2021
FAO Online training in fisheries and aquaculture statistics
Sep 13-20 
Global Conference on Aquaculture Millennium +20
Sep 23-25 
October 2021
Seventh Session of the Central Asian and Caucasus regional Fisheries and aquaculture commission
Oct 11-13 
Second Meeting of the WECAFC/OSPESCA/CRFM/CITES/CRFM Working Group on Shark Conservation and Management
Oct 20-22 
December 2021
Fifth Meeting of the CFMC/OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CITES Working Group on Queen Conch
Dec 13-14 
February 2022
Third Meeting of the Moored Fish Aggregating Devices (MFADs) Working Group
Feb 14-17 
June 2022
EIFAAC International Symposium: Advances in Technology, Stock Assessment and Citizen Science in an Era of Climate Change
Jun 20-21 
Thirty-First Session of EIFAAC
Jun 22-24 
August 2021
RECOFI - An introduction to SDG 14.4.1 and its regional application
  Aug 5 
RECOFI-FIRMS Data Call Workshop: updating stocks and fisheries inventories
Aug 03-04 
July 2021
RECOFI - Minimum Data Reporting Regional Database Workshop
Jul 13-14 
June 2021
Global forum on Artificial intelligence for a digital blue planet
Jun 28-30 
Third Session of the Intergovernmental Technical Working Group on Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Jun 01-03 
May 2021
Extended session of the Second meeting of the WECAFC-CRFM-OSPESCA Fisheries Data and Statistics Working Group (FDS-WG)
May 24-28 
April 2021
Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA) - Europe and North America Consultation
Apr 27-29 
Project Planning Workshop - GCP/GLO/086/ROK: Smart and Sustainable Aquaculture though Effective Biosecurity and Digital Technology
Apr 26-27 
Technical Seminar on Aquaculture Biosecurity: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Aquaculture
Apr 13-14 
Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA) - Near East and North Africa Consultation
Apr 06-08 
March 2021
Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA) - Eastern Europe and Central Asia Consultation
Mar 29-31 
February 2021
Eight Meeting of the Regional Fishery Body Secretariats' Network (RSN)
Feb 24-25 
Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA) - The Pacific and the Caribbean Regional Consultation
Feb 23-25 
COFI - Committee on Fisheries - 34rd Session - (FI-701-34)
Feb 01-05 
December 2020
Regional Consultation | Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA): LAC
Dec 09-11 
Guidelines for Sustainable Aquaculture (GSA) Virtual Regional Consultations: GSA virtual regional consultation for Asia
Nov 30-Dec 02 
November 2020
5th Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of CACFish
Nov 23-24 
4th (Virtual) Meeting of the WECAFC/CRFM/IFREMER Working Group on Shrimp and Groundfish of the North Brazil-Guianas Shelf
Nov 18-19 
Fourth Meeting of the CFMC/WECAFC/OSPESCA/CRFM Working Group on Spawning Aggregations
Nov 09-10 
24th Session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
Nov 02-06 
Towards a post-2020 strategy for Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries and aquaculture
  Nov 3 
October 2020
FIRMS and fishery statistics capacity development data workshop
Oct 26-30 
Presentation of Regional Aquaculture Reviews and the State of World Aquaculture 2020
Oct 26-29 
Virtual meeting prior to the Second Preparatory Meeting for the Strategic reorientation of WECAFC
Oct 23 
Second meeting of the WECAFC-CRFM-OSPESCA Fisheries Data and Statistics Working Group (FDS-WG)
Oct 12-16 
September 2020
FAO Virtual Global Expert Workshop on the Fisheries Co-Management Guidebook
Sep 07-11 
Fourth Meeting (Virtual) of the Regional Working Group on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (RWG-IUU)
Sep 08-09 
August 2020
ASFA Advisory Board Meeting: Partner Presentations
Aug 13 
July 2020
Eighth Meeting of Regional Fishery Body Secretariats¿ Network (RSN-8) - POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED IN DUE TIME
Jul 11-17 
Virtual Dialogues on the Path to the 34th Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries
Jul 14-16 
April 2020
Illuminating Hidden Harvest Technical Advisory Group
Apr 21-23 
March 2020
WECAFC-Regional Data Workshop
Mar 19-20 
GFCM Working Group on Recreational Fisheries - Subregional Committee for the Western Mediterranean
Mar 17-20 
February 2020
Fisheries and Resources Monitoring System (FIRMS) and Fisheries Statistics Training
Feb 17-19 
IOTC Working Group on a Catch Documentation Scheme
Feb 10-11 
January 2020
Global Programmatic Steering Committee Common Oceans ABNJ Program
Jan 29-30 
Final Project Steering Committee of the Common Oceans ABNJ Tuna Project
Jan 27-28 
Final Project Steering Committee of the Common Oceans ABNJ Deep-Seas Project
Jan 27-28 
December 2019
Third meeting of the CFMC/WECAFC/OSPESCA/CRFM Working Group on Spawning Aggregations
Dec 18-19 
Fourth meeting of the CFMC/OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CITES Working Group on Queen Conch
Dec 16-17 
FAO/CECAF Working Group on the Assessment of Demersal Resources
Dec 02-10 
November 2019
COFI - Sub-Committee on Fish Trade - 17th Session (FI-709-17)
Nov 25-29 
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