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Octobre 2020
Second meeting of the WECAFC-CRFM-OSPESCA Fisheries Data and Statistics Working Group (FDS-WG)
Oct 10-16 
Presentation of the State of World Aquaculture and Regional Aquaculture Reviews 2020
Oct 26-30 
Septembre 2020
FAO Virtual Global Expert Workshop on the Fisheries Co-Management Guidebook
Sep 07-11 
Fourth Meeting (Virtual) of the Regional Working Group on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (RWG-IUU)
Sep 08-09 
Août 2020
ASFA Advisory Board Meeting: Partner Presentations
Aug 13 
Juillet 2020
Jul 13-17 
Eighth Meeting of Regional Fishery Body Secretariats’ Network (RSN-8) - POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED IN DUE TIME
Jul 11-17 
Virtual Dialogues on the Path to the 34th Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries
Jul 14-16 
Avril 2020
Illuminating Hidden Harvest Technical Advisory Group
Apr 21-23 
Mars 2020
WECAFC-Regional Data Workshop
Mar 19-20 
GFCM Working Group on Recreational Fisheries - Subregional Committee for the Western Mediterranean
Mar 17-20 
Février 2020
Fisheries and Resources Monitoring System (FIRMS) and Fisheries Statistics Training
Feb 17-19 
IOTC Working Group on a Catch Documentation Scheme
Feb 10-11 
Janvier 2020
Global Programmatic Steering Committee Common Oceans ABNJ Program
Jan 29-30 
Final Project Steering Committee of the Common Oceans ABNJ Deep-Seas Project
Jan 27-28 
Final Project Steering Committee of the Common Oceans ABNJ Tuna Project
Jan 27-28 
Décembre 2019
Third meeting of the CFMC/WECAFC/OSPESCA/CRFM Working Group on Spawning Aggregations
Dec 18-19 
Fourth meeting of the CFMC/OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CITES Working Group on Queen Conch
Dec 16-17 
FAO/CECAF Working Group on the Assessment of Demersal Resources
Dec 02-10 
Novembre 2019
COFI - Sub-Committee on Fish Trade - 17th Session (FI-709-17)
Nov 25-29 
3rd Meeting of WECAFC/CRFM/IFREMER Working Group on Shrimp and Groundfish
Nov 26-27 
Second Meeting of the Scientific, Statistical and Technical Advisory Sub-group of the CFMC/OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CITES Working Group on Queen Conch
Nov 25-26 
World Fisheries Day
Nov 21 
International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability Strengthening the Science-Policy Nexus
Nov 19-21 
Informal intersessional meeting of the Regional Fishery Body Secretariats' Network
Nov 20 
GFCM Forty Session of the Commission (FI-716-40)
Nov 04-08 
Octobre 2019
Meeting of the GESAMP Working Group on Sea-based sources of marine litter (WG 43).
Oct 28-30 
4th FAO/IMO ad hoc Joint Working Group (JWG) on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and related matters
Oct 23-25 
World Food Day
Oct 16 
GSSI Expert Consultative Workshop on Non-Certified Seafood
Oct 10-11 
SWIOFC - South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission - 10th Session
Oct 01-03 
Septembre 2019
FAO Conxemar Congress on Social Sustainability in the Fisheries Sector
Sep 30 
SWIOFC 9th Working Party on Collaboration and Cooperation in Tuna Fisheries (WPCCTF).
Sep 29 
ASFA Advisory Board Meeting
Sep 22-26 
Joint ASFA-UMT Conference Announcement: Enabling Grey Literature discovery to benefit aquatic sciences, fisheries and aquaculture research
Sep 25 
Expert Meeting to Develop Technical Guidelines to Reduce Bycatch of Marine Mammals in Fisheries.
Sep 17-19 
CECAF - Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic - 22nd Session (RAF-740-22)
Sep 17-19 
EIFAAC - European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission - 30th Session (FI-727-30)
Sep 11-13 
EIFAAC - European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission - Symposium on Food Safety and Conservation in Inland Fisheries
Sep 09-11 
World Seafood Congress 2019
Sep 09-11 
Août 2019
COFI - Sub-Committee on Aquaculture - 10th Session (FI-702-10)
Aug 23-27 
Third session of the COFI Advisory Working Group on Aquatic Genetic Resources and Technologies
Aug 21-22 
Juillet 2019
GFCM Thirteenth Session of the Compliance Committee (CoC) (F-716-13)
Jul 19 
Commission des pêches pour l'atlantique centre-ouest (COPACO) - Dix-septième Session (FI-739-17)
Jul 15-18 
8th Global Steering Committee of the Common Oceans ABNJ Program
Jul 11 
Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI) - 10th Session - (RNE-739-10)
Jul 09-11 
GFCM Eleventh Session of the Scientific Advisory of the Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ)
Jul 09-11 
6th Project Steering Committee of the Project Sustainable Management of Tuna Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation in the ABNJ
Jul 08-10 
Juin 2019
GFCM Twenty-first session of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Fisheries (SAC) (FI-716-21)
Jun 24-27 
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) - 23rd Session (FI-733-23)
Jun 17-21 
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