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August 2019
Third session of the COFI Advisory Working Group on Aquatic Genetic Resources and Technologies
Aug 21-22 
COFI - Sub-Committee on Aquaculture - 10th Session (FI-702-10)
Aug 23-27 
September 2019
EIFAAC - European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission - Symposium on Food Safety and Conservationission Internat
Sep 09-11 
World Seafood Congress 2019
Sep 09-11 
EIFAAC - European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission - 30th Session (FI-727-30)
Sep 11-13 
Joint ASFA-UMT Conference Announcement: Enabling Grey Literature discovery to benefit aquatic sciences, fisheries and aquaculture research
Sep 25 
ASFA Advisory Board Meeting
Sep 22-26 
FAO Conxemar Congress on Social Sustainability in the Fisheries Sector
Sep 30 
October 2019
World Food Day
Oct 16 
4th FAO/IMO ad hoc Joint Working Group (JWG) on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and related matters
Oct 23-25 
November 2019
GFCM Forty Session of the Commission (FI-716-40)
Nov 04-08 
World Fisheries Day
Nov 21 
International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability Strengthening the Science-Policy Nexus
Nov 19-21 
17th Session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Fish Trade (FI-709-17)
Nov 25-29 
July 2019
GFCM Thirteenth Session of the Compliance Committee (CoC) (F-716-13)
Jul 19 
WECAFC - Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission - 17th Session (FI-739-17)
Jul 15-18 
8th Global Steering Committee of the Common Oceans ABNJ Program
Jul 11 
Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI) - 10th Session - (RNE-739-10)
Jul 09-11 
GFCM Eleventh Session of the Scientific Advisory of the Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ)
Jul 09-11 
6th Project Steering Committee of the Project Sustainable Management of Tuna Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation in the ABNJ
Jul 08-10 
June 2019
22nd Session of CECAF
Jun 24-29 
GFCM Twenty-first session of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Fisheries (SAC) (FI-716-21)
Jun 24-27 
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) - 23rd Session (FI-733-23)
Jun 17-21 
IOTC - Indian Ocean Tuna Commission - 16th Session (FI-733-16) - Compliance Committee
Jun 09-11 
Third Meeting of the Part 6 Working Group
  Jun 7 
Second Meeting of the Parties to the PSMA
Jun 03-06 
International Day to Fight Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
  Jun 5 
WECAFC - Scientific Advisory Group - 10th Session
  Jun 4 
May 2019
CWP - Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics - 26th Session (FI-751-26)
May 15-18 
Second Meeting of the TWG-IE
May 15-17 
Workshop on Chinese National Ecolabel for Marine Capture Fisheries
May 16 
FIRMS Steering Committee Meeting - 11th Session
May 13-14 
Meeting of the Global Record Informal Open-Ended Technical and Advisory Working Group - fifth meeting
May 13-14 
Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECM) Workshop
May 06-10 
Expert Meeting on the Guidelines for Increasing Access of Small-Scale Fishers to insurance and micro-finance services
May 07-09 
Regional Workshop of Fisheries Tenure and User Rights-SE Asia and Bay of Bengal (SEABOB)
Apr 30-May 05 
April 2019
GFCM Workshop on the Management of European Eel (FI-716)
Apr 16-17 
GFCM Workshop on Red Coral (FI-716)
Apr 15-16 
Southwest Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission (SWIOFC) Working Group on Pelagic Fisheries (SAFR-735)
Apr 09-12 
Second Meeting of the Blue Hope (TCP)
Apr 08-12 
SDG 14b/1 Regional Workshop for the Pacific
Apr 09-11 
Expert Workshop on the development of a global information System for Aquatic Genetic Resources
Apr 08-09 
Expert Meeting on Guidelines for Shark and Ray Market Chain Assessment (ICAR and FAO)
Apr 03-06 
March 2019
1st Preparatory Meeting of the WECAFC Reorientation - Workshop
Mar 25-26 
CACFish Regional Training on Fish Genetic Resources (SAC-726)
Mar 19-22 
3rd Meeting of the CRFM/IFREMER/WECAFC WG on Shrimp and Groundfish Fisheries in the North Brazil Guianas Shelf
Mar 18-19 
International Council for the Explorations of the Seas (ICES) Working Group on Social Indicators
Mar 11-15 
Stock Assessment Workshop On the Shrimp and Groundfish Fisheries of the North Brazil Shelf LME
Mar 11-15 
International Workshop on mitigating Environmental Impacts of Tropical Tune Purse-Seine Fisheries
Mar 12-13 
February 2019
RECOFI - Eleventh Meeting of the Working Group on Fisheries Management (WG-FM)
Feb 19-21 
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