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September 2017
EIFAAC - European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission - 29th Session (FI-727-29)
Sep 06-08 
COFI - Sub-Committee on Fish Trade - 16th Session (FI-709-16)
Sep 04-08 
August 2017
Strengthening capacities, policies and national action plans on prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials in fisheries Workshop 2 (FAO Project FMM/RAS/298)
Aug 07-09 
June 2017
Expert workshop on updating FAO TP530: Climate change implications for Fisheries and Aquaculture
Jun 28-29 
Third Meeting of the Global Record Working Group
Jun 26-28 
FIRMS Steering Committee Meeting - 10th Session
Jun 21-24 
CWP Intersessional Aquaculture and Fishery Subject Groups Meetings
Jun 19-22 
FAO/CECAF Working Group on the Assessment of Demersal Resources - Subgroup North
Jun 06-15 
First meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group established under Article 21 of the 2009 FAO Agreement on Port State Measures
Jun 01-02 
May 2017
First Meeting of the Parties to the 2009 FAO Agreement on Port State Measures
May 29-31 
FAO/CECAF Working Group on the Assessment of Small Pelagic Fish off Northwest Africa
May 22-27 
Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI) - 9th Session - (RNE-739-9)
May 09-11 
CIFAA - Seventeenth Session of the Committee for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture of Africa (CIFAA)
May 09-11 
April 2017
Strengthening capacities, policies and national action plans on prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials in fisheries Workshop 1 (FAO Project FMM/RAS/298/MUL) (in collaboration with Nitte University)
Apr 10-12 
Resumed Technical Consultation on Voluntary Guidelines for Catch Documentation Schemes
Apr 04-05 
March 2017
Regional Consultation on Responsible Use of Fee and Feed Ingredient for Sustainable Growth of Aquaculture in Asia-Pacific
Mar 07-09 
North Atlantic Seafood Forum
Mar 07-09 
First Meeting of the WECAFC Regional Working Group on IUU Fishing
Mar 01-03 
BlueBRIDGE External Advisory Board Meeting (EAB) - Technical Working Group Meeting on Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries - Second Session / BlueBRIDGE - Regional Database VRE workshop
Feb 28-Mar 03 
February 2017
APFIC - 76th Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
Feb 21-23 
Regional Workshop on Bycatch Reduction Technologies and Best Practices
Feb 13-17 
Preparatory meeting for the UN Conference in support of SDG14
Feb 15-16 
ABNJ Deep Seas Project Steering Committee
Feb 07-09 
Stakeholder Conference on the Sustainable Development of the Blue Economy in the Western Mediterranean (BGI)
  Feb 2 
January 2017
ABNJ Deep Seas Project: orange roughy assessment workshop
Jan 30-31 
GFCM -General Fisheries Commission of the Mediterranean - Intersessional Meeting of the Compliance Committee (CoC)
Jan 26-27 
RECOFI-ROPME Coordination Meeting in Preparation of the 9th Session of RECOFI
Jan 24-27 
Second Project Steering Committee Meeting of the Caribbean Billfish Project
Jan 18 
December 2016
Joint meeting of the tuna RFMOs on the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management
Dec 12-16 
GFCM - Meeting of the Sub-Regional Subcommittee for the Western Mediterranean
Dec 13-14 
Sub-Regional Subcommittee for the Western Mediterranean Workshop on Black Spot Seabream
Dec 13-14 
RECOFI - Tenth Meeting of the Working Group on Fisheries Management (WG-FM)
Dec 06-08 
Regional consultation on the establishment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Aquaculture Fisheries Organization (RAAFO)
Nov 29-Dec 01 
November 2016
FAO Expert Workshop on Sustainable Use and Management of Brine Shrimp Artemia Resources in Asia
Nov 07-10 
GFCM - Meeting on finfish and shellfish aquaculture market and industry in the region 2nd Meeting of the Aquaculture Task Force
Nov 07-09 
GFCM - Workshop on data submission in line with the DCRF
Nov 03-06 
October 2016
Exploring the human rights-based approach in the context of implementation and monitoring of the SSF Guidelines
Oct 24-26 
GFCM - High-Level Conference Towards Enhanced Cooperation on Black Sea Fisheries and Aquaculture
Oct 24-25 
EAF-Nansen Project Semi-Annual Meeting
Oct 20-21 
Joint meeting of the EAF-Nansen Project Regional Steering Committees
Oct 19 
EIFAAC - Management Committee
Oct 17-18 
CopeMed II Working Group on Small Pelagic and Demersal Stocks
Oct 10-14 
CACFish - Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission - Fifth session
Oct 10-12 
CONXEMAR - 18th International Frozen Seafood Exhibition
Oct 04-06 
Vigo Dialogue on Decent Work in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  Oct 4 
CONXEMAR - FAO, World Congress on Cephalopods
  Oct 3 
September 2016
WTO Public Forum- Working Session: “Making fisheries trade more inclusive: a unique pattern for supplying the world’s most traded animal protein to global markets”
Sep 28 
GFCM - Intersessional meeting of the Commission on the mid-term strategy (GFCM)
Sep 22-23 
45th Annual Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Advisory Board Meeting
Sep 12-16 
July 2016
COFI - Committee on Fisheries - 32nd Session (FI-701-32)
Jul 11-15 
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