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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Fisheries and Aquaculture Department has published an aquaculture photo library where photographs taken by FAO aquaculture officers and consultants working in the field are stored. The main goal of the photo library is to make available to internal and external users photos focusing on global practices of aquaculture. This Web representation is not to be considered as a final static product, but will continuously be revised and updated through inputs provided by  the users. This online photo library is especially addressed to extension services, aquaculture research centres and educational institutes that can use the photo library to learn more on aquaculture by means of a visual approach.

Users may enquire with  the online system what kind of pictures they are looking for, by typing a word on the search box in the home page or by performing an advanced search. The system will lead the user to the result page with small "thumbnail" previews of the pictures that fit the request along with a short caption and basic information as to  when and where the picture was taken. By clicking on the thumbnail, the user can access the record of the photo.

All photos may be used for free, however users are invited to acknowledge each photo as follows:
Courtesy of FAO Aquaculture Photo Library.