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Building capacity for mainstreaming fisheries co-management in Indonesia. Course book
FAO FishCode CTC Project
  Non serial publications  PDF  ZIP
2009 Details and available languages 
Credit and microfinance needs in inland capture fisheries development and conservation in Asia
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T460  PDF  ZIP
2007 Details and available languages 
A guide to bycatch reduction in tropical shrimp-trawl fisheries (Revised Edition)
REBYC - Reduction of Environmental Impact from Tropical Shrimp Trawling, Through the Introduction of By-catch Reduction Technologies and Change of Management
  Non serial publications  PDF
2007 Details and available languages 
Options to mitigate bottom habitat impact of dragged gears.
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T506  PDF  ZIP
2007 Details and available languages 
Guidelines on the collection of demographic and socio-economic information on fishing communities for use in coastal and aquatic resources management
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T439
2004 Details and available languages 
Participatory landing site development for artisanal fisheries livelihoods. Users’ manual.
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T466  PDF  ZIP
2004 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat designs: 2. V-bottom boats of planked and plywood construction (Rev.2)
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T134Rev.2  PDF  ZIP
2004 Details and available languages 
Microfinance in fisheries and aquaculture. Guidelines and case studies
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T440  PDF
2003 Details and available languages 
The use of ice on small fishing vessels
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T436  PDF  ZIP
2003 Details and available languages 
Fuel and financial savings for operators of small fishing vessels
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T383  PDF  ZIP
1999 Details and available languages 
Participatory analysis, monitoring and evaluation for fishing communities: a manual.
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T364  PDF  ZIP
1996 Details and available languages 
Fishing Boat Construction: 3. Building a Ferrocement Fishing Boat
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T354
1995 Details and available languages 
Fisheries Extension Services for Coastal Provinces: Learnings from a Project in Ranong, Thailand - BOBP/REP/68
  Non serial publications REP68  PDF
1994 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat construction: 2 Building a fibreglass fishing boat
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T321  PDF  ZIP
1991 Details and available languages 
Fisherman's workbook
  Non serial publications  PDF
1990 Details and available languages 
Applications mécaniques: 3. L'hydraulique à bord des petits bateaux de pêche.
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T296
1990 Details and available languages 
Definition and classification of fishing gear categories
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T222Rev.1  PDF
1990 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat construction: 1. Building a sawn frame fishing boat.
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T96Rev.1  PDF  ZIP
1988 Details and available languages 
Community fishery centres: guidelines for establishment and operation
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T264
1985 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat designs: 4. Small steel fishing boats
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T239  PDF
1984 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat designs: 3. Small trawlers.
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T188  PDF  ZIP
1980 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat designs: 1. Flat bottom boats (Revision 1)
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T117Rev.1  PDF  ZIP
1974 Details and available languages 
Fishing boat designs: 1. Flat bottom boats
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T117  PDF  ZIP
1972 Details and available languages 

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