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Nile Perch Fishery Management Plan for Lake Victoria 2015-2019
2015 Details and available languages 
The Market for Nile Perch
  GLOBEFISH Research Programme Vol. 84  PDF
2006 Details and available languages 
FAO species catalogue. Volume 17. Pearl perches of the world. (Family Glaucosomatidae). An annotated and illustrated catalogue of the pearl perches known to date
  FAO Fisheries Synopsis S125Vol.17  PDF  ZIP
1997 Details and available languages 
Technical reports - product by product development from Nile Perch (summary table)
  Project reports (not in a Series)  PDF  ZIP
1988 Details and available languages 
Socio-economic effects of the evolution of Nile perch fisheries in Lake Victoria: a review
  CIFA Technical Paper CIFA/T17
1988 Details and available languages 
Synopsis of biological data on the sand perch, Diplectrum formosum (Pisces:Serranidae).
  FAO Fisheries Synopsis S143
1985 Details and available languages 
Synopsis on biological data on the Sand perch, Diplectrum formosum (Pisces: Serranidae)
  FAO Fisheries Synopsis 143  PDF
1985 Details and available languages 
Expose synoptique des donnees biologiques sur la perche du Nil Lates niloticus (Linnaeus, 1762)
  FAO Fisheries Synopsis 132  PDF
1982 Details and available languages 
Synopsis of biological data on the perch Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758 and Perca flavescens Mitchill, 1814
  FAO Fisheries Synopsis 113  PDF
1977 Details and available languages 
Synopsis of biological data on Pacific Ocean perch, Sebastodes alutus
  FAO Fisheries Synopsis 79  PDF
1970 Details and available languages 
Selectivity of gillnets for Nile perch (Lates niloticus L.), R. Koura and A.A. Shaheen -Cod end mesh size effect on Italian otter trawl efficiency, R. Koura - February 1969
  Studies and Reviews. General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean 39
1969 Details and available languages 

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