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Technical guidance for the development of the growing area aspects of Bivalve Mollusc Sanitation Programmes
2018 Details and available languages 
Toxicity Equivalency Factors for Marine Biotoxins Associated with Bivalve Molluscs
2016 Details and available languages 
The Living Marine Resources of the Eastern Central Atlantic. Volume 2: Bivalves, gastropods, hagfishes, sharks, batoid fishes, and chimaeras
  FAO Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery Purposes  PDF
2016 Details and available languages 
Assessment and management of biotoxin risks in bivalve molluscs
  FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper T551  PDF  ZIP
2011 Details and available languages 
Bivalve depuration: fundamental and practical aspects
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T511  PDF  ZIP
2008 Details and available languages 
Installation and operation of a modular bivalve hatchery. (Printed version contains CD-ROM)
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T492  PDF  ZIP
2007 Details and available languages 
The hatchery culture of bivalves: a practical manual
  FAO Fisheries Technical Paper T471  PDF  ZIP
2004 Details and available languages 
The living marine resources of the Western Central Pacific. Volume 1. Seaweeds, corals, bivalves and gastropods.
  FAO Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery Purposes  PDF  ZIP
1998 Details and available languages 
The world market for bivalves - oyster - mussel- clam - scallop.
  GLOBEFISH Research Programme Vol. 4
1990 Details and available languages 
Artificial propagation of bivalves: techniques and methods
Regional Seafarming Development and Demonstration Project
  Project reports (not in a Series) SF/WP/90/3
1990 Details and available languages 
Bivalve farming: an alternative economic activity for small-scale coastal fishermen in the ASEAN region
  Project reports (not in a Series)  PDF  ZIP
1989 Details and available languages 

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