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Recommendation GFCM/37/2013/2 on the establishment of a set of minimum standards for bottom-set gillnet fisheries for turbot and conservation of cetaceans in the Black Sea
2015 Details and available languages 
Turbot: Production Technology and Markets
  GLOBEFISH Research Programme Vol. 103  PDF
2011 Details and available languages 
Markets in the European Union for turbot, seabream and seabass.
  GLOBEFISH Research Programme Vol.31
1994 Details and available languages 
GFCM - Working Party on resource evaluation and fishery statistics. Report of the Technical Consultation on the assessment and management of the Black Sea turbot. Istanbul, Turkey, 11-15 June 1979. 19p. 203745-E
  FAO Fisheries Report R226
1979 Details and available languages 

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