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Jordan - A survey of the Gulf of Aqaba for coastal aquaculture. A report prepared for the fishery development project
  Project reports (not in a Series) Field Document  PDF  ZIP
1974 Details and available languages 
Report to the Government of Jordan on Inland Fisheries Development and Fish Culture
  Project reports (not in a Series) TA 3186
1973 Details and available languages 
Report to the government of Jordan on inland fisheries development and fish culture
  Project reports (not in a Series) TA 2448
1967 Details and available languages 
Synopsis of biological data on california bluefin tuna Thunnus saliens Jordan and Everman 1926 - Exposé synoptique sur la biologie du thon rouge Thunnus saliens Jordan et Evermann 1926 - Sinopsis sobre la biología del atCm rojo Thunnus saliens Jordany Evermann 1926
1963 Details and available languages 

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