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January 2008
Mexico: Regional Technical Meeting
Jan 15 
September 2007
Nigeria: National Meeting on Vessel Monitoring System
Sep 26-28 
March 2007
Nigeria: Meeting on Harmonization of Fisheries Laws
Mar 20-25 
February 2007
Nigeria: Fourth meeting of International Project Steering Committee (IPSC)
Feb 14-16 
October 2006
Philippines: National Coordinators Global Review Meeting
Oct 08-13 
April 2006
Iran: Third Meeting of International Project Steering Committee (IPSC)
Apr 25-27 
March 2006
Nigeria: Workshop on Turtle Excluder Device (TED) implementation, Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) and Bycatch Utilization in Nigeria on Project EP/GLO/201/GEF
Mar 06-12 
February 2006
Denmark: Workshop on Turtle Excluder Devise (TED) optimal rigging and development
Feb 13-17 
December 2005
Indonesia: Demonstration and training on by-catch reduction devices
Nov 28-Dec 05 
July 2005
Mexico: Second National Coordinators Global Review Meeting
Jul 10-16 
May 2005
Mexico: Training course for prototype construction and 3rd National Workshop of researchers participating in the project
  May 1 
November 2004
Thailand: Second Meeting of International Project Steering Committee (IPSC)
Nov 24-26 
September 2004
Trinidad and Tobago: Regional Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean for Project EP/GLO/201/GEF
Sep 27-30 
Philippines: Practical training/demonstration and experiment on the juvenile and trashfish excluder devises (JTEDs) in San Miguel Bay
Aug 23-Sep 01 
September 2003
SEAFDEC: International Training Course - The Use of Turtle Excluder Devices and Juvenile & Trash Excluder Devices
Aug 25-Sep 08 
September 2002
Mexico - Inaugural Meeting of National Coordinators
Sep 16-20 

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