FAO Aquaculture Global and Regional Reviews

Main purpose and content

The current reviews aim at providing a comprehensive and reliable perspective, over the past 10 years,  of the aquaculture status and trends in the main regions of the world, and  globally,  emphasizing salient issues and success stories, highlighting future trends and considering likely scenarios. The production information used in these reviews was provided by FAO Global Dataset of Aquaculture Production (Quantities and values) 1950-2008 (Released in March 2010).

The Regional Reviews and the Global Synthesis can be of pertinent  use  to national governments, regional organizations, policy makers, farmers, investors, civil society organizations, research and training institutions and the general public.  A relevant element of the Regional Reviews is that each review, apart from North America, has been produced in both English and the official UN language of the region, specifically, the  Sub-Saharan Africa review is also in French; the Asia review in Chinese, the Europe review  in Russian, the Latin America and the Caribbean review  in  Spanish, the Near East and Northern Africa review in Arabic, and  the North America review, available only in English.

Each regional review and the global synthesis contain 10 chapters

  • Social and Economic Background of the Region;
  • General characteristics of the aquaculture sector;
  • Resources, Services and Technologies;
  • Aquaculture and Environment; 
  • Markets and Trade;
  • Contribution of aquaculture to food security, social and economic development;
  • External pressures on the sector;
  • The role of shared information: research, training, extension and networking; 
  • Governance and management of the sector;
  • Implementation of the Bangkok Declaration.


Process and participation

The preparation of each regional review was led by a top regional expert with the involvement of numerous renowned international experts under the guidance of FAO.

The global synthesis was produced by a team of international experts using the information provided by the regional reviews and a global perspective. The process of producing the regional reviews and the global synthesis with reliable and comparable information has been lengthy and arduous, and although the statistics and production data for these reviews correspond to 2008, the quality and reliability of the information can be trusted. This is particularly relevant in the analysis of trends.

The collection of information by experts initially commenced in May 2009 and in January 2010 all the draft regional reviews and global synthesis were presented and discussed during an internal FAO workshop. After a process of improvement and expansion the reviews were subsequently presented to the Global Conference on Aquaculture, held  in Phuket, Thailand from 22-25 September 2010 which provided  an additional opportunity to openly discuss and improve the information and main content of these documents.

Hence, after a long process which guarantees a good quality output and content, the reviews have now been finalized and are available to millions of users worldwide!