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Fishery Resources Protection Act.
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Countries: Korea, Republic of
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of original Text: 12/12/1953
Date of Consolidation: 23/03/2013
Entry into Force: This Act shall come into force on the date of its promulgation.
Related Web Site: www.klri.re.kr
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: Marine waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula and the islands annexed thereto, and enclosed by the boundaries created by connecting boundaries detailed in article 1, shall be regarded as jurisdiction waters for the conservation of fishery resources and referred to as "marine jurisdictional waters". A person intending to operate fishing within the jurisdictional waters shall obtain permission from the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries. Any non-compliance shall be liable to imprisonment or imprisonment without prison labor up to 3 years or a fine of maximum 500 000 Hwan. A vessel passing through jurisdictional waters suspected of having violated such rule shall be subject to inspection or other necessary search measures.
Comment: Consolidated version of Act No. 298 of 12 December 1953, as amended last by Act No. 11690 of 23 March 2013.
Main subjects: Fisheries