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Act for the Conservation and Protection of Wildlife B.E. 2535, 1992.
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Date: 19/02/1992
PublicationSerial: FAL No. 43, 1993, pp. 265-267.
Amended: LEX-FAOC173697 Conservation and Protection of Wild Animals Act (NO. 3), B.E. 2557 (2014). 29/12/2014
Abstract: This Act establishes a Committee on Wildlife Conservation and Protection, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives and with a membership drawn from various government departments. The Committee is empowered to designate wildlife conservation areas, to list species subject to protection, and to undertake certain related activities. The Act forbids the hunting or attempted killing of protected wild animals unless it is done for certain educational or research purposes specifically permitted by the Minister. No one is allowed to breed protected wild animals, or to possess such animals or their carcasses, except in certain cases related to public zoos or other permitted educational or research purposes. The import or export of protected wild animals or their carcasses is prohibited, except in the case of animals derived from breeding. Rules concerning the establishment of public zoos are set forth, with permission required from the Director-General of Forestry or Fishery, and with strict controls on the sale of zoo animals in the event the zoo ceases to operate. The Minister shall have the power to declare wildlife sanctuaries by announcement in the Royal Gazette, although such sanctuaries may not include privately owned land. Virtually no activities are allowed in a wildlife sanctuary without permit from the Director-General. Extensive provisions regarding punishments for violations of the Act are set forth, as well as provisions dealing with the transition between previous wildlife protection acts and the present one.
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