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Fisheries Act 1947 (B.E. 2490).
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Countries: Thailand
Regions: Asia;South-Eastern Asia;Indian Ocean;East Asian Seas;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of Text: 1947
Source: Photocopy, 14 pp.
Repealed by: LEX-FAOC159734 Fisheries Act, B.E, 2558 (2015). 2015
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: An Act relating to fisheries and aquaculture in all waters of Thailand.The 73 Sections of the Act are divided into a title part (sections 1 to 5) and 7 Chapters: Fisheries (1); Cultivation Pond (2); Registration and Application for Permission (3); Fisheries Statistics (4); Control (5); Penalties (6); Transitory Provisions (7). Fisheries and aquaculture are divided into four categories, partly regulated by provisions which only apply to one category: (1) preservation fisheries; (2) leasable fisheries; (3) reserved fisheries; (4) public fisheries. The Provincial Council may determine fisheries within its province to belong to one of the four categories (sect. 7). The Minister or, with approval of the Minister, the Provincial Governor in his jurisdiction, may issue rules concerning matters specified in section 32. The Act is completed by 4 Schedules: Rate of Fishery Tax on Reserved Fisheries; Rate of Fishery Tax on Licensed Fishing Implements; Rate of Fishery Tax on Permit for Catch Fisherman on Reserved Fisheries; Rate of Fish.
Comment: The text of the Act is a consolidation containing the amendments made by B.E. 2496 and B.E. 2528, but unfortunately no date of consolidation is available. Acts listed in section 3 are repealed.
Main subjects: Fisheries