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Law relating to Aquaculture.
The State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No. 24/89.
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Countries: Myanmar
Regions: ASIA;South-Eastern Asia;Indian Ocean
Date of Text: 07/09/1989
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: The present Law is divided into the following 10 Chapters: Title and Definition (1); Application for Lease or Licence (2); Payment of Duties and Fees (3); Powers of the Department and the Director General (4); Cancellation of the Lease Licence (5); Inspection and Action to be taken (6); Appeals (7); Prohibitions (8); Offences and Penalties (9); Miscellaneous (10).The exercise of aquaculture in aquaculture lands or fishery areas which are not connected to any of the Government Departments or special fishery areas is subject to the issuance of a lease grant. The sale of fish seeds produced through artificial propagation or the breeding of aquarium fish are subject to the issuance of a licence. Licence holders shall pay a grant fee or a licence fee, according to the procedure set out by the Department of Fisheries, which shall determine the duration of permits and licences, as well. The Department may designate aquaculture land from agricultural and virgin land for the development of aquaculture, for not more than 10 years and at the conditions listed in article 13 (among others, purpose of aquaculture, time limits for the implementation of aquaculture activities, etc.). Person(s) who intend to exercise aquaculture at Fishery Areas connected with one of the Government Department, shall apply for the issuance of a licence in accordance with the regulations of the Department, provided the person has prior agreement with the Department concerned. Further provisions concern (a) the powers of the Director General in matter of licences and permits; (b) the conditions for the cancellation of the lease or the licence; powers and duties of inspectors; (c) penalties to be inflicted in case of violation of the provisions of the present Law.
Main subjects: Fisheries
Main subjects: Land