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Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the prevention of pollution damage to the marine environment by land-sourced pollutants.
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Countries: China
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of Text: 22/06/1990
Entry into Force: These Regulations shall come into force as of 1 August 1990 (art. 37).
Source: Foreign-Related Laws and Regulations of the P.R.C., CD-rom, Bureau of Legislative Affairs of the People's Republic of China.
Implements: LEX-FAOC006512 Marine Environment Protection Law of the People's Republic of China. 23/08/1982
Type of Text: Regulation
Abstract: The Regulations are formulated in accordance with the Marine Environment Protection Law for the purposes of strengthening the supervision and administration of land pollution sources and preventing pollution damage to the marine environment by land-sourced pollutants. To these ends the discharge of land-sourced pollutants into the sea by any organization or individual must be conducted in compliance with the standards for discharge of pollutants and the relevant regulations promulgated by the State or the localities. The control of pollutants discharging and treating facilities is entrusted to the environmental protection department in the place where the organization or individual concerned are located. Further provisions concern the measures to be taken in case of discharge in excess of the national or local standards, and the prohibition of discharging pollutants in protected areas. As a general rule, it is prohibited to pile up, discard, or dispose of solid wastes along seashores and beaches without approval. By way of exception and if it is really necessary to pile up or dispose of solid wastes for the time being, a written application shall be submitted according to the examining and approving procedures stipulated by the environmental protection departments of the coastal provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government. Moreover, the Regulations prohibit the discharge of: (a) toxic and harmful waste water along seashores and beaches by improper means of dilution or permeation; (b) waste water containing low-level radioactive substance into the sea unless in strict compliance with the State provisions and standards concerning radioactive protection; (c) waste water carrying pathogens into the sea before it has been properly treated; (d) heated waste water into the sea (in this case the water temperature must be in compliance with the relevant provisions of the State); (e) industrial waste water and domestic sewage containing organic and nutrient substance into sea areas with low capacities of self-purification; (f) medicines and medical instruments having lost efficacy or use of which is prohibited along seashores and beaches. Further provisions concern measures to be taken for the enforcement of the Regulations in case of accidents of pollution damage, and offences and penalties.
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